Why be a memeber of Western Cape Resorts

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Why be a member of Western Cape Resorts?

With the tough econmic times we currently experiencing, the ability to share opinions and to learn form one another is of
paramount importance. Our organisation has at its members, the big, dytnamic leaders such as ATKV, smaller top class
resorts, that have one numerous national awards, such as Dibki in Hartenbos. These resorts are managed by highly
trained and competent leaders and at our meetings there is a wealth of knowledge and experience that can be obtained
and shared.The invitation below to a meeting of our organisation, provides excellernt reasons why you are a member or
should be one.

Right now you need to know how good your website really is, why you should be using facebook and twitter and get to
know more about “Hellopeter.com” etc. If you are not up to speed with what is happening in the electronic media front
then you could be losing business or you are likely to loose a lot of business. Are you keeping pace with the advancement
in the field of electronic cards, hospitality cards etc. and what thay can mean for your resort? Are you aware of the many
new regualtions that are been published concerning resorts and what you need to do to comply with them? How Eskom
can save you money on electricity costs?

These and many more items will be discussed at our forthcoming meeting. We are looking forward to your presence in
July. Please contact us (details above) for more information and a personal invitation to attend our next meeting which will
be addressed by top speakers and experts in their respective fields. It is not to be missed!

Byeenkoms: Wes-Kaap Oordvereniging op

25/26 Julie 2012 te Goudini Spa.

Om 'n Oord Eienaar/Bestuurder te wees is 'n baie uitdagende en verantwoordelike posisie. Daar is geen
kursus of spesifieke opleiding wat enige persoon presies kan volg om van hierdie werk 'n sukses te maak

Die Wes-Kaap Oordvereniging poog om hierdie belangrike skakel in die Toerisme Bedryf beter toe te rus,uit te brei en te bemark. Oorde moet mekaar ondersteun en help deur kennis te deel, en die belangrikstevan alles, om te besef dat Oorde nie in kompetisie is met mekaar nie, maar dat 'n bemarkingspoging waar gaste/besoekers na ander Oorde wat op standaard is verwys word, die wenresep is. Almal sal dan besef dat die Wes-Kaap se selfsorg akkommodasie en kampering in ons Oorde, baie goed vergelyk met die beste in die wêreld.

Om die Vereniging aan meer Oorde in die Wes-Kaap bekend te stel, en ook 'n bewusmaking te skep van die Vereniging, word 'n baie spesiale inligtings en opvoedkundige geleentheid beplan op 25 en 26 Julie 2012. Kundige persone oor verskeie onderwerpe van belang, sal die lede en besoekers toespreek en saam gesels oor kwessies soos energie besparing, sosiale media, nuwe wetgewing en ''groen'' bestuur.

Western Cape Resorts Association

Western Cape Resorts AssociationOUR NEW WEBSITE

We have a new website that has been designed by Caravan parks.com (SA CCTN Marketing).

Our website address is www.westerncaperesorts.co.za. Please do have a look at it. You will note that it can be linked to your website. Those who have provided Amanda with website details can go to the main menu, left click on the main map on your resort and it will take you to your website.

It is a great marketing tool. It is not yet complete but is al-ready a great improvement and even more features will be added to it.

The contact person there is Amanda at tel. 033-326-1370 and/or email at sales1@sacctn.co.za and she will welcome any ideas or changes you would like to-see.





Western Cape Resorts Association

Western Cape Resorts Association

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