History of Kruisrivier
1759 1st Generation: 1731 - +/- 1815 2nd Generation: 1783 - ? 3rd Generation: 1819 - 1885
 "De Kruys Rivier voor aan de Cango, geleegen over de Oliphantsrivier" was registered in January 1759 in the name of Johannes Strydom.

It was the 1st time that the well-known name "Cango" appeared in written documents. (from Hopkins HC, Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk, Calitzdorp, 1873 - 1973)
Johannes Strydom
Wife : Geertruy Magdalena Scheepers

Eight Children: 5 Sons - Johannes, Gerrit, Hendrik, Josephus, Jakobus Stephanus, Coenraad
Coenraad Strydom
Wife : Cecilia Johanna Hattingh

Four Children : Johannes Hendrik, Diederik Johannes, Coenraad Josephus, Cecilia Johanna.
Coenraad Joseph Strydom
Wife: Maryna A. Nel

Eleven Children, 4 Sons: Coenraad Josephus, Daniel Jacobus, Johannes Hendrik, Louis
Conraad Strydom
4th Generation: 1855 - 1941 5th Generation: 1889 - 1980 6th Generation: 1927 - 7th Generation:
Johannes Hendrik Strydom
Wife: Johanna Schoonraad

Eleven children, 6 sons:
Coenraad Josephus, Jacobus Frederick, Johannes Alexander, Johan Christiaan, Daniel Jacobus, Gerhardus George Albertus.
Daniel Jacobus Strydom
Wife: Danielina J. Oosthuizen

Three children:
Johannes Hendrik, Kalita, Dirkje
Johannes Hendrik Strydom
Wife: Anna C.E. Hanekom

Four Children :
Daniel Jakobus, Christina, Johannes Jacobus, Dalina
Johannes Jacobus Strydom
Wife: Amanda Smit

Three Children:
Johannes Hendrik, Sybrand, Joost Coenraad

Kruisrivier Guest Farm

Kruisrivier Guest Farm

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